Sri Lankan Beef

After being away from Canada for over one year, I can now officially make my favorite dish from my favorite restaurant “Ceylonta” in Ottawa. I finally found the recipe for Sri Lankan Sauteed (or Roast) Beef. I’m so happy that I no longer have to just dream about eating it, I can now make it whenever I want!


For anybody else who’s interested you can see the recipe here.



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9 responses to “Sri Lankan Beef

  1. looks great! thanks for the recipe.
    i love cinnamon with beef.

  2. After coming to Sendai (I ate out all the time in Tokyo) I started cooking food I missed too. I’ve stayed away from hamburgers since I don’t have a grill – yet.

    • I haven’t made hamburgers to. I don’t have a BBQ as well. I wish they had propane BBQs over here. I hate charcoal ones (too much work).

  3. Aww man! What I would do have a big serving of curry with basmati rice now! But I cant *sobs* for a whole frickin month even *bawls*! That beef curry you made looks delish, ever tried Beef Pasanda? You’ll like that one too!! I love its creamy base. When I make curries I like to marinate my beef / chicken overnight to make it more juicier when I cook the next day!

    • We marinated the beef before hand in salt, pepper and vinegar. It was so tender! I’ve never had Beef Pasanda, I’ll have to give it a try.

  4. I tend to marinate my beef with all the spices overnight ^_^ depending on what I cook I also like to marinate them with garlic, onion, ginger.

  5. Ashwina

    Can’t find the recipe from the link. just a page with links to gen purpose cooking sites. Would love the recipe. Thanks for figuring it out.

    • I’m sorry about the dead link. It seems the sight went down. The good news is I found a new link that has the same recipe, so it’s all fixed now. So enjoy!

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