Friday Night Lights


On my last post about television viewing I had mentioned watching the HBO series “The Wire”. Well I finished watching the entirety of that series, so I was hunting for a new series to watch. Trolling through NeoGAF message boards I noticed many people mentioning the series “Friday Night Lights”. I thought I would give it a try, and discovered it was as good as everyone was saying. The basic story premise is about a small Texas town football team, and the drama surrounding it. The show has a kind of realistic quality to it (which I found out is because it allows a lot of improvisation for it’s actors), and has a lot of really likeable characters. Anyways give it a shot, it’s pretty damn good.



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16 responses to “Friday Night Lights

  1. Ian

    I really like the show too and have seen all 3 seasons. I can’t wait for season 4 this fall. I’m still surprise you didn’t know about this show.

    • I’ve seen TV Champion. I sometimes watch the Shimura animal show, but I only like the Pan-kun stuff. The others I don’t really know. I don’t watch too much Japanese TV. I find most of it pretty boring.

      • You think Japanese TV is boring?
        Maybe I’m just used to it…but it seems like regular TV to me.

        I went to America on holiday in 2004…and I felt that I’m not used to American TV anymore.

        • Japanese TV shows are extra boring. How many times can you watch some Z grade celebrity eat something and say with their mouth full “oishiii”. Some are OK though, like IteQ, MechaIke (sometimes), and Best House.

  2. It was aired here before but I never got to watch it ..

  3. keith

    PS I started watching The Wire cause of this post,love it.

  4. Friday Night Lights – The absolute best and most underrated television show since The Cosby Show. People, if you have not had the priveledge to partake in this great show, WAIT NO MORE! Run out and get the season dvd’s 1,2 and 3. Get caught up before season 4 starts in a few months. Afterwards, come hang out with many other fans and chat about the show, cast, episodes, as well as many other topics. There is great website where fans of the show are meeting right now! Check it out!

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