Abukuma Caves

Yesterday we took a drive down south to Fukushima to see the Abukuma Caves. It was really cool, they had two routes the normal way and the “adventure” course. Some of the normal way was pretty tight so I would be terrified to see what the “adventure” course is like. Anyways I took some picture I will share with you now.


The cave was all lit up with different colored lights, it was pretty spectacular.


There was lots of strange shaped rocks, including the one below that looked like a huge mushroom.


The rock in the cave is mostly limestone, and it was pretty damp, so there was tons of stalactites and stalagmites


Here’s a final scene with some cool lighting.


Thanks go out to Squampton’s blog post a while ago for letting me know about this natural wonder.



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8 responses to “Abukuma Caves

  1. cuteandcurls

    Looking at all these photos remind me of the Mulu Caves of Sarawak. I have never ever been there, shame on me considering Sarawak is my neighbouring country and where my parents were born. My elder sister has taken quite a few of her friends and led one or two guided tours there. Hopefully when I do go home one day I’ll get to go there with her since she promised me an all expense paid trip hehe.

  2. It sure is! Although she may need to psyche me up first to enter those caves. The last time i ever entered a dark cave was in Sulawesi – a Japanese cave ..scary for a 45 minutes walk inside ..it felt like an eternity and it aint good to a highly imaginative person like me! I was just thankful to get out of that creepy place.

    • Did you see any bats? I saw a few on Saturday. It didn’t scare me though, because last summer I had one fly around inside my room twice. That was scary!

  3. Cool, thanks for sharing your pictures. Is the lighting really green? I noticed that your last picture didn’t have any green lighting.

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