One of the best snacks in Japan in my opinion is Karamucho. I love the normal stick variety, as opposed to the potato chip version. Lately however they have had a couple new versions available, like “Mustard Mayo”.


I didn’t enjoy this flavor that much. The mustard was really overpowering. Another new one is the “Gion Shichimi”, which just means spice flavor for the neighbourhood of Gion in Kyoto.


This one is pretty good, and is an interesting alternate to the regular Karamucho flavor. It get the thumbs up for sure.



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6 responses to “Karamucho

  1. I hope the supermarkets here like Isetan will sell these snacks! If not I’ll get a friend to bring back some from me when she flies over to Tokyo πŸ˜€

  2. Say just wondering if you can recommend a very good sake brand for the ladies? Ive been meaning to try some but im not sure where to start. The supply of sake here are much better compare to beers tho ..

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