Panson Bakabon

I got a couple Panson Works styled Bakabon figures at 7/11 for super cheap since they were trying to get rid of them. Unfortunately I got two very uninteresting ones. Like this one.


Hmm not so good. I was hoping for one of the main characters. This however is much worse.


Why is it the special mystery collectors version is just the same as the normal figures, but without paint. Why is no paint better? It’s a mystery. Anyways here’s the rest of the set as pictured on the box. You’ll notice that I got the worst ones.




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3 responses to “Panson Bakabon

  1. >I got the worst ones

    I like 「レレレのおじさん」…he’s goofy.
    Actually, I think you got the best ones of the ones shown on that box in your photo! I like 「バカボンのパパ」 better though.

    • I was really hoping to get the Papa figure. That’s why I was disappointed. I would have been happy with the white one if it was painted.

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