Local Food

Here’s a couple of the local grocery stores in Kakuda. The first is a really common chain all of Japan, York Benimaru. It’s owned by the same company that runs as 7/11 in Japan.


The other is smaller and a lot less common. I’m not even sure if it’s even anywhere outside of Miyagi. It is however my favorite in Kakuda. It’s called Itochen.


The reason I like it is the meat there is so much cheaper than York. Actually almost everything is cheaper. It doesn’t have as much selection as York, but the cheapness and close proximity to my house more than make up for it.9



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6 responses to “Local Food

  1. I recognize the logo as Ito-Yokado (which are all over the place)…but I’ve never seen a 「ヨークベニマル」 (York Benimaru).

    Nor have I ever seen a 「イトーチェーン」 (Ito Chen)…it looks really tiny!

    (BTW, I think I’d spell those stores in alphabet letters as “Yoku-benimaru” and “Ito Chain“.)

    • I think they might be just local variations. York is owned by 7/11, but is based in Fukushima. The reason I spelled it “York Benimaru” is because that’s the way they spell it on their official site. http://www.yorkbeni.co.jp/fina/index-e.html
      You are right about Ito Chen, It should be Ito Chain (checked it on their website), but every one calls it Ito Chen anyways.

  2. Hi there, just surfing through Heenai Heenai’s blog and noticed you worked as a teacher for a kindergarten. How nice! Im not a teacher but it’d be interesting to read from your perspective teaching the young ones. I hope to be a kindy teacher one day but alot of people think that I have no patience ^_^ wait until I get my qualifications then I’ll show them!

    • Thanks for the comment. Don’t worry about what other people say. If I can do it than almost anyone can. I usually don’t talk about work on my blog, but I’ll tell you this about teaching. Most of the time it’s good, but sometimes it’s really hard and frustrating. The good times out weigh the bad by a lot though. You’ll just have a bad class once and a while. I’m no expert by any stretch of the imagination.

      • Thanks, thats what I think too. My husband works as a Maths teacher for an international school. His students are mostly ranging from 12 and above, he prefers to teach at this age than the very young ones which he finds very difficult to do 😛 my younger sister teaches english for the secondary school and she tends to have problem getting them to be disciplined and pay attention.

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