Curry Learning

I love curry! Not just Indian curry or Japanese curry, but all of them from around the world. Which is why I was happy to find this bi-lingual book at the book store all about curries from around the world.


Just by reading it, I’ve learned a lot about curry. Did you know that curry power was invented in England, and that Japanese curry is a variation of English curry, not Indian. The book has lots of recipes from India, Sri Lanka (my personal favorite), Indonesia, Vietnam, UK, Japan, Thailand and Nepal.


I’m looking forward to making some of these in the near future.



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14 responses to “Curry Learning

  1. Ku Ri Su

    That is a great book. We’ll have to look for it as a dinner invitation probably isn’t coming <_<

    You’ll have to point out your favorites.

  2. keith

    Just remember if you add yogurt to thicken the curry, added at the end and at low heat only, or as I learned it will break and get watery.

  3. Ian

    No rookie…now that is a good one..

    Eric, you probably just sit and drink beer and watch Yurie cook. I wouldn’t blame you though seeing she is such an amazing cook.

  4. Ian

    I still can’t believe Keith is giving cooking advice. The reason I say this is because the only thing that I would ever eat that you can cook and that is actually good is Kraft Dinner…

  5. I also love all types of curry, so that book appears really interesting!

  6. I love curry. I always look forward when I cook curry. I still cant beat my mom’s curries but at least I make my own version! I used to remember how my dad’s Japanese friends who were based in our country back then would be in gastronomical awe when they see lots of curry served on our dining table with lots of chutney and my mom’s aromatic briyani rice and sweet chicken kurma.

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