Arcade Popularity

One of the most popular games in Japanese arcades is not Street Fighter IV or Tekken. It’s actually a mahjong game. You often see more cabinets for MJ4, than other arcade games, out numbering them by two to one usually.


People can buy a card to save their info on, and then play against other opponents all over Japan via the internet. It also has a touch screen to make it really easy for anyone to play.


The machines are usually busy everytime I see them. I haven’t played it myself due to it’s high usage of the Japanese language. Looks fun though. I’m sure this is Sega’s real bread winner.



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5 responses to “Arcade Popularity

  1. As I mentioned on another post of yours, I don’t know how to play Mahjong…but I found a “Flash” version of a Mahjong game.

    Have you ever heard of the site called “Miniclip“?

    They have a Mahjong game here:

  2. awesome to see mahjong in japanese arcades!

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