Get in Line!

I had never seen anything like this until I came to Sendai. Roughly sixty taxi cabs all lined up in a neat grid at Sendai station. How many taxis could people getting off of the train need. I have personally never seen less than this amount anytime  I’ve walked pass. You’ll notice that most of them have their lights on, meaning that their engines are probably running. So if you want to stop global warming or such, this should be you first target. The upside is you definitely know where to go to get a taxi.




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14 responses to “Get in Line!

  1. I’ll bet most of the drivers are in the cabs sleeping which is why the engines will be running. In the winter they sleep with the heater on, in the summer they sleep with the air conditioners on.

  2. Funny, someone at work today told me that Sendai has 2000 more taxis than it is supposed to. Who decides that number, I have no idea…

  3. A good way to get the official unemployed numbers down is to issue more taxi licenses. The other taxi drivers complain about it. If you hop in a cab and start asking them about the recent increase in cabs and how there seem to be too many they will tell you all about it.

  4. If there’s so much competition, why do they seem to get mad when I go 2 blocks?

    • It’s like I said, taxi drivers are never happy.

    • As expensive as taxi fares are, you take a cab to go such a short distance?

      In eighteen years in Tokyo, I’ve taken a taxi only maybe a dozen times (usually when I’ve missed the last train).

      Is Sendai Stn big? Many commuters there? No buses outside the station?
      Is the line of taxi customers long?
      Just wondering…cuz it looks like maore taxis than even at Tokyo Stn!

      • Sendai station is kinda big. Buses go right to the door of the station. I’ve never really seen a line of people waiting for taxis. It’s a mystery!

  5. Very nice picture, so interesting and unusual, but with a sense of order – not sure I am making sense here, but then I am usually pretty senseless 😉

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