I picked up “Ironman” on Bluray recently. I really liked the movie. It was simple and fun. These big blockbuster type movies really shine on Bluray.  This one especially is fantastic. It’s filled with bright colors which really pop out in High Def. What’s crazy is the making of feature is almost as long as the movie itself. I had thought that most of the suit stuff was CG, but it turns out quite a bit of it was actually a real suit! It was very interesting.




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12 responses to “Ironman

  1. I liked that movie, too.
    I read the comic book occasionally when I was a kid.

    I especially liked that they included the song “Iron Man” by Black Sabbath on the soundtrack!

  2. Me too, I liked this movie and also bought the Bluray disc as well (I bought the US version from I think they are going to make Ironman II soon.

  3. Douglas

    Robert Dawney said he had to get in shape for that movie, that it was physically demanding to wear da suit. Indeed not all CG…

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