Yamadera Part 2

Here’s part two of my trip to Yamadera yesterday. The walk goes really high up the mountain so the view is quite spectacular. Here you can see  the roofs of some of the various temples.


Some were built in the most unlikely and probably most difficult places. Like that tiny one sprouting from the cliffs.


Or small shrines perched a top precarious rocks.


There’s also a kind of look out temple where you can see a great view of the whole area.


Here’s the stiched together photo that I took from there.


Of course click on the photo to get a much bigger and better look. This concludes my small photo tour of Yamadera.



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12 responses to “Yamadera Part 2

  1. Did you eat a ‘konnyaku ball’?
    I’ve had it when I visited Yamadera befor. It’s mm… just a konnyaku. 😉

  2. Great pano, and the lookout photo is nice as well!
    Yamadera is nice, but it looks pretty cold when you went…

  3. It’s a nice view!
    How far is it to there from your home?

  4. Very nice photo tour …. looks like you are getting to be an expert with your new camera, and a great panoramic photo of the entire area as well.

  5. Wow, what an amazing place ! Gotta visit it in the future, thanks for the great pictures. :]

  6. Douglas

    Beautiful pictures Eric! Glad to see you are enjoying your stay in Japan.

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