I am a lover of chili. Sometimes I make it myself at home, but a lot of times when I want a quick fix at lunch time I go to the can stuff. It seems that most stores that carry foreign foods only have the American brand Hormel chili (which is OK when your really craving it). My favorite brand is Stagg Chili, which I used to buy all of the time back in Canada. Well there is one Yamaya store in Sendai that carries Stagg chili. Today I was in the neighborhood, and picked up their complete stock, five wonderful cans.


So if you live in Sendai and are going to Yamaya near Tsutsujigaoka park to get chili, don’t bother I beat you to it!



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20 responses to “Chili

  1. Ian

    I bought some Stagg Chili a while ago because I like it too. The best thing is you can get it in Canada in the microwave version and it is even quicker to make.

  2. Ku Ri Su

    but it is chicken…. why? What happened to the beef?

    • For some reason they only have had the chicken and turkey for the Stagg brand. Maybe Yamaya is against beef chili, which means they’re against freedom!

  3. keith

    Why don’t you just make your own chili at home?

  4. Hormel chili tastes like dog food.
    You should just make the meaty stuff yourself…. But after seeing those cans, I think the southern US idea of ‘chili’ is different from your’s…

  5. Tom

    Thanks for the tip. For me, chili is one of those foods I used to eat at home, but don’t really think about. It sounds good right about now though.

  6. Luckily for me, my wife can make excellent Chili con carne…cuz, as you said, I love Chili, too!

  7. I just want everyone to know that starting next month I will be setting up a defense perimeter around the Tsutsujigaoka Yamaya. All patrons will be thoroughly searched for chili products of any kind. Chili smugglers will be KANCHO’D on the spot!

    That reminds me of the time I bought like 35 cans of Stella Artois from Yamaya because they were 100 yen each…

    • I’m going to start a chili guerilla group. Don’t worry I left you a lot of Hormel Chili.

      I would buy 35 cans of Stella if it was 100 yen too. Good find!

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