Japanese Spiderman

I came across this video clip while browsing the internets. It a 1970’s live action version of Spiderman from Japan! Enjoy the disco Spiderman theme while watching this clip.

You can see the Japanese took a few liberties with the Spiderman lore. Adding giant robots, monsters, samurai, and even spider man shooting a machine gun (what happened to shooting webs?). It turns out that Marvel.com will be subtitling the series and posting it on their website. Check it out! They have episode one up already.



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4 responses to “Japanese Spiderman

  1. My wife told that her brothers used to watch a Spiderman show when they were little….I didn’t imagine it was so similar to Ultraman!

  2. Awesome find!
    Shouldn’t he shoot natto or something out of his wrists though?!?!

    • Maybe he does in a future episode. I like in the first episode he calls himself an “emissary from hell”. Japanese Spiderman is hardcore!

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