I got some special Dragonball fried chicken at Lawsons the other day. It was chili shrimp flavor. I don’t know how chicken can taste like shrimp, but it did. Anyways the package for the chicken was really cool.


The normal chicken mascot is dressed up like Goku from Dragonball. The really cool thing is when you unfold it….


He’s in the powered up Super Saiyajin mode ready to fight!



Filed under Anime, Cool, Food, Japan, Manga

7 responses to “Karagebuu

  1. A summer festival staple for sure!

  2. Epic! I love that!
    (For some reason, I prefer Lawson over 7-Eleven.)

  3. Actually, Mini Stop in my opinion it the all time best!

  4. Joe

    that is freaking awesome!! I want one of those:) keep it up Eric.

  5. Joe

    That bites,at least you got a picture.

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