Doraemon Is That You….?

Doraemon is a super popular character in Japan. He’s a magical cat from the future, who’s always helping his pal Nobita by producing the most fantastical gadgets from his magic pocket.


He’s popular all over Asia, including in Hong Kong, where they have an interesting version of the show. Check it out in the video below….




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10 responses to “Doraemon Is That You….?

  1. Doraemon loves the Japanese snack “Dorayaki“…but I heard in other countries they call his snacks cookies or crackers!

  2. I was in a tiny bookstore today and noticed a Doraemon language textbook. I’m not exactly sure if it’s for Japanese to learn English or the other way around. Maybe I’ll pick it up, or snap some photos at the very least.

    • I’ve seen the bi-lingual manga for Doraemon. I have some back in Canada. Maybe that’s what you saw. They have tons of Doraemon books for learning. At my work they have Doraemon dictionaries for the kids, but strangely enough if you look up Doraemon, he’s not in it.

      • Nah, it was a textbook. Each unit had a different focus (at the airport, at home, shopping, etc.). I think it may have been designed for homestay students.

        Speaking of books, can you (or anyone) recommend some easy Japanese manga to read? I know about 500 kanji; the difficult part is understanding the casual language used in the comics. Even the Doraemon manga I have, while very easy to read, is difficult to understand. I have a couple sets of graded readers which are great, but a little expensive for such short stories.

        • I don’t think you’ll find a manga that won’t contain casual language or slang, especially the manga for small children. It’s good for learning some new words though.

          You know so much kanji! I wish I knew so much. I probably only know like 20 or 30.

  3. ia.......

    i’d like doraemon

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