More and More Kewpies

I got a couple more Kewpies the other day at the Lawson 100 store near my work. They were selling them for a super cheap 100 yen each! The two I got were…


Kewpie mixed with Papa from the manga Bakabon, and Lum from Urusei Yatsura.


These arent like the normal ones that I get. They’re soft and spongy and also twice the size.



Filed under Anime, Cute, Japan, Kewpie, Manga

4 responses to “More and More Kewpies

  1. No way! Kewpie and Bakabon’s Papa!? Unlikely combination but It’s SO cute!!

  2. I agree it’s super cute!

  3. niall

    Hi Eric,

    did you know that tom green is going to be on celebrity apprentice
    a must-watch show if there ever was one…

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