In Kakuda we have two toy stores. It’s actually possible for these small mom and pop store to stay in business here since the nearest Toys’R’Us is at least an hour away. Moribaiten seems to be the more popular one, often having a large gathering of bicycles outside. It’s always open even on holidays….except for the day when I happened to take this picture.


It’s the first time I’ve ever seen it closed. The other store, Tomy Land is a little bit strange.


There never seems to be kids here, and the store itself seems to be a time warp. They have toys going back to the early eighties still on their shelves. Also the front display is so old all of the packages have turned blue from the sun.


It’s almost like the place never changes. I almost hope it never does.



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2 responses to “Toys

  1. It always looks so nice and sunny in Kakuda… Furukawa is always gray and windy.

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