Movies I’ve Seen Lately

I thought I would do a post about some of the movies I’ve seen recently. I watch a lot of movies. Usually around three to four week. So over my life time I’ve seen an unbelievable amount. Here’s some the ones I’ve watch lately.


I saw this most recently. The story is about a failed real life plot to assassinate Hitler during WWII. The movie was excellent. Very suspenseful, even though the outcome is already know.


I saw Slumdog Millionaire a few weeks ago. It actually just won best picture at the Oscars this weekend. It’s a very uplifting  movie, but it also shows how hard life is for poor people in India. I’m really glad Danny Boyle won the best director Oscar. He deserves it. His films are always different and interesting.


Benjamin Buttons was also nominated for an Oscar.I enjoyed it. The story was interesting, but the ending was a little weak in the case of the reverse ageing process.


Red Cliff is a retelling of a famous battle from classic Chinese novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms”. It’s directed by the famous Hong Kong director John Woo. This movie was fantastic! The action and drama were amazing. The cinematography was breathtaking. This is just part one, the second comes out sometime this year I think.


Finally a movie that’s just fun. It’s been a awhile since Jim Carrey did a funny movie that was actually funny. I laughed many times watching this. Stupid, but fun.



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16 responses to “Movies I’ve Seen Lately

  1. whimsicaljottings

    I loved Slumdog too. Button was ok, but I thought that there were a few loopholes. The adult daughter said that she didnt know that her mum danced, but when she was younger, she was at her mum’s dance school!

    • You’re right she was at the dance school. I didn’t like how he shrank back to a being baby. Wouldn’t that mean he wold have been born full size at that logic.

  2. Ku Ri Su

    I would be interested in seeing the Red Cliff movie. Is it a Chinese movie with subtitles?

  3. I haven’t seen a single one of these movies.

    All the movies you’ve seen in your life, what are your favorites?

    I like:
    Planes, Trains & Automobiles
    Die Hard
    Star Wars (the first three that came out in the late ’70s / early ’80s)
    Dirty Harry
    movies that that.

    • Some of my favorites are:

      the Indiana Jones series
      all of the Die Hard movies
      Donnie Darko
      James Bond
      Children of Men
      Days of Heaven
      Blade Runner

  4. Slumdog was pretty good. I saw Gran Torino recently. Eastwood and the teenage girl actress (Ahney Her) were good, but the rest of the acting was absolutely atrocious. AHTROWSHUSS.

    Looking forward to seeing Red Cliff too. My local theatre only had the Japanese dubbed and subtitled versions; I’ll have to search for an English subbed version somewhere…

    • Some of the acting in Gran Torino wasn’t so good, but the movie itself was good.

      If you look in certain places you can find Red Cliff with English subtitles. 😉

  5. >”Sunshine

    Not really?? If you asked me what was the worst movie I’ve ever seen was…I’d probably say that one!

    I regret not walking out of the theater before that movie ended and getting my money back!

    • Which Sunshine movie didn’t you like? The one in space or the one about the Jewish family? I’m talking the one in space.

      • I don’t know about the Sunshine movie about a Jewish family…never heard of it.

        I’m talking about that movie where they’re trying to re-start the sun. The Japanese title is “Sunshine 2057“.

        I’m surprised you liked it. I’m surprised anyone could like that movie! I was upset that I wasted my time and money on it!

        Just my opinion obviously, though. 😉

        • Actually a lot of people like, but I’ll admit it’s not for everyone. It’s one of those love or hate movies. It’s for “Hard Sci-Fi” fans only.

  6. Hmm, like Tokyo5, I haven’t seen any of these movies either – not surprising since we don’t to the movies very often. My wife and I did see a movie recently – Mamma Mia.

    I do want to watch Slumdog Millionnaire – I think the DVD will come out before the movie premieres in Japan.

  7. I highly recommend Slumdog. When you watch it make sure to watch the credits, for some Bollywood dancing action. I heard the movie will come out in the summer in Japan, so yes the DVD will be out long before then.

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