MOS Mascots

Recently MOS burger had a little promotion where you could get cell phone straps of little mascots. These cute little characters represent different things on the MOS Burger menu, like the rice burger, MOS burger, and the hot dog. Very cute!


On a side note, WordPress just added threaded comments, so if you want to reply to a specific comment just click on reply under the comment. Then your comment will be shown offset underneath the first one. It’s a good new feature.



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9 responses to “MOS Mascots

  1. Did you put one on your ケータイ (cell-phone)?

  2. I’ve only eaten once at MOS Burger (when my nephew and his family were here visiting in Tokyo) since we got here just over a year ago, not sure why we haven’t eaten there again as the burger was pretty good if I remember.

    Do you eat regularly at MOS Burger?

    • I eat there once and a while. Not too often. I really like the burgers there, but I find it’s so slow. I often don’t have time during my lunch breack to eat there because of slowness.

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