Lastest Gaming Fun

Aside from playing an incredible amount of Street Fighter IV (and completely sucking at online matches), I’ve also been playing a couple of new games for the DS. The first being Dragon Quest V.


It’s the first time it’s ever been released in English. Also it’s supposed to be the best in the series. I love Dragon Quest, so it was must for me to play this. The story follows the main hero from birth until adulthood. I think it’s a really cool idea.

The second game is Retro Game Challenge. It’s based on the Japanese TV show Game Center CX, which I wrote about before.


In the game you are warped back to the past to complete gaming challenges in faux retro games. The fake games are quite good, and could have been made into products of their own. There’s one Dragon Quest type game, a platformer, a Galaga clone, a vertical scrolling shooter, and even a Ninja Gaiden clone. I’ve actually almost finished the game. I’m half way through the challenges on the second last game. Maybe I’m a retro game master!



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4 responses to “Lastest Gaming Fun

  1. Jeff

    Eric, your rapid-fire skills are helping you get through the shooter.

  2. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

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