Girls Bar Pirates

I snapped a picture of this sign in Kokubuncho when I went drinking last weekend. I was puzzled by the English used on the sign. Are they pirates that hunt girls bars? What exactly is a pirates bar like? I have many questions….




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5 responses to “Girls Bar Pirates

  1. Did you go inside to find out?

    (BTW, I checked Japan’s weather forecast (usually I just check Tokyo’s) to see the weather in Niigata for my daughter’s trip there…and I noticed it’s forecast to snow in Sendai today.
    I wrote this post: )

  2. Jeff

    Eric you should become a consultant fixing English grammatical errors on signs. Apparently, nobody’s taken that job yet. You’d make a mint.

  3. Tokyo5,

    I was afraid to go in, I thought the pirates might attack me (or that it could be a really expensive hostess bar)! We did get some snow last night maybe around 4cm. I’m sure they’re getting a ton of snow in Niigata. They always get a lot.


    That is my dream job in Japan. Just fixing the T-shirts alone could make me millions!

  4. Tom

    I think they’ll only let you in if you’re wearing an eye patch.

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