Kakuda Station

Here’s some random shots I took while I was waiting for the train at Kakuda station. You can see the sign that’s on the platform. It has the Kakuda rocket on it.


Here’s a shot of some wires. I was looking at it wondering why there are so many round disc like things on them.


Here’s a shot looking down the tracks.


This is what I do when I’m bored and I have nothing else I can do.



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5 responses to “Kakuda Station

  1. How often does a train arrive at that station? Twice an hour?

  2. keith

    the disc things are for electrical isolation i.e. the prevent sparking to the post since the lines carry high voltages. A disk is used since it creates a larger surface area than a regular cylinder. This larger surface area prevents flashover, when the electrical breakdown of air occurs along the surface of the insulator. Typically, these disks can withstand 5-10kV, so that train line for example has 15-30kV on it since it has 3 discs.

  3. Tokyo5,
    It comes roughly around once an hour. It’s not JR.

    Thank you for that detailed and scientific explanation. You know too much about electricity.

  4. >It comes roughly around once an hour.

    I guess you need a car up there!

    Trains come every 2 – 4 minutes in Tokyo. That’s why cars aren’t really needed here (Tokyo).

  5. That is why I drive to work almost every day. Plus it’s cheaper than the train fee.

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