Yoga Fire!!

Today I actually managed to convince my wife Yurie, to play Street Fighter IV. It was the first time shes ever played a fighting game ever. She tried a few characters, and was getting a bit bored, but then she saw Dhalsim.


The strechy armed, yoga master from India. After trying him out she suddenly got interested. After a few minutes she was pulling off special moves like “Yoga Fire”, and “Yoga Teleport”. She was even able to do some super and ultra combos. I was very impressed. I have trouble pulling off super and ultras. Maybe she has a natural talent for Street Fighter. You’re awesome Sweetie!



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18 responses to “Yoga Fire!!

  1. Cool. A family that plays together, stays together 🙂

  2. >she has a natural talent for Street Fighter.

    So, don’t piss her off! 😉

  3. Yeah, she can do Ultras! I can’t!

  4. My gf kills, KILLS me at Bejeweled, no matter how hard I practice.

  5. Girls are usually very good at puzzle games. My wife is a master at Super Puzzle Fighter on PS1

  6. My son and I are thinking of getting this on the PS3 .. this is one of those classic games.

  7. I highly recommend it. It plays just like Street Fighter 2. It’s so beautiful too.

  8. Jeff

    I picked it up on the weekend. I was disappointed. Good game but not worth $70. I finished it on Medium, then got my ass handed to me online. Then that’s it. There’s nothing else to do. Learn more characters I guess. And the graphics aren’t as good as I hoped. It looks like a painting only because the textures are painted (very simple shaders, lighting baked in). I thought it would be more stylized than that. Oh, and the music is terrible. But, the gameplay is pretty tight. Like I said, good game. If it was more like $45 I wouldn’t bring up any complaints.

    • I think the graphics are really good. There are lots to do. Have you opened all of the characters? Also the challenge mode is really cool too. I agree online is tough because of the high level of play. I won’t give up until I can hold my own online.

  9. Jeff

    More… It’s also a bit too much like Street Fighter 2, don’t you think? Same locations, same moves. They just added Super, Ultra & Focus attacks. I mean come on it’s been 20 years, don’t be afraid to make a few more changes. OK I’m done.

    • The whole point of 4 was to bring it back to something more similar to 2. If you ever played 3 it was so different feeling that it completely turned me off of it. A lot of the normal kicks and punches have changed, and quite a few characters while feeling similar, play really different from SF2.

  10. Josh

    I think fighting games peaked at Pit-Fighter.

  11. Chis

    O Yoga Fire não é assim, não, para saber como é o yoga fire assese:

    • I google translated your comment and I think I understand what you’re saying. I know the picture isn’t a yoga fire, I just thought it would be funny to name the post that.

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