In Japan Barbie is not popular, instead they have Licca. She’s a lot like Barbie except she has cuter features and brown hair. I learned all about it on a Japanese TV show.


She’s supposed to be half French and half Japanese. Much like Barbie, Licca has seemed to do every type of occupation, including pop star.


Being Japanese, there’s also a version of Licca wearing a kimono.


On the show they also showed a pregnant Licca. Supposedly in the fictional history they invented, Licca got married to a French guy, got pregnant, and had a baby girl. The strange part is that the baby was also named Licca. Licca even has favorite books, “Anne of Green Gables” and “A Little Princess”. Hell, Licca even has her own blog. Thanks go to the nieces for letting me scan their Licca book.



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2 responses to “Licca

  1. My kids had 「リカちゃん」 (Licca-chan) dolls when they were little.

    They do sell Barbie dolls in Japan too, though.

  2. Supposedly Barbie is very unpopular, because little girls don’t think she is cute enough.

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