Define Awesome

Some things is life are just amazingly awesome. It’s hard to explain, but when you see it, you just know. Well I picked up something really awesome today at Village Vanguard.


Yes, a mug with Michael Jackson and E.T., and it says best friends. I defy you to find anything more amazing than that. It is now officially my at work mug.



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22 responses to “Define Awesome

  1. Sorry, I can’t agree. I don’t like any of The Jacksons…especially Michael.

    (I was gonna make a joke that the one on the right is Michael after all his plastic surgery. But I guess such a comment might be out-of-line. 😉 )

  2. I’m almost afraid to ask… Where’s Michael’s other hand?

  3. Ku Ri Su

    That’s not Micheal, he’s not white

  4. Tokyo5,

    I don’t especially like the Jackson either, but I do think the mug is hilarious and strange.


    That is a mystery best left unknown.

    Ku Ri Su,

    Think back to a magical time us older people call the 80’s. Michael Jackson was actually still black, and jackets had a lot of zippers. People also wore pants made out of parachutes, and had no idea George Michaels was gay. Those were strange times!

  5. >had no idea George Michaels was gay

    C’mon, you’re joking right?? That was obvious!

    I was surprised when Rob Halford (lead vocalist for “Judas Priest“) said that he was!

  6. Tokyo5,

    Next thing you’ll be telling me that Freddie Mercury is gay!

  7. As long as Liberace or Elton John aren’t gay, I can sleep at night.

  8. Hey Elton John was married to a woman once, so he can’t be gay…….right?

  9. Tom

    Where’s Village Vanguard?

  10. It’s in the Loft building, Sendai Ekimae.

  11. There’s also Village Vanguard in Forus, at Airy Aeon Mall in Natori, and one in Minami Sendai about a ten minute walk from Minami Sendai Station. Every store has a different selection. The best one downtown is the one in Forus. The Loft one is tiny and not so good. I bought the mug at Minami Sendai.


    By the way is your site down right now? I can’t seem to go to it. I get 404’d.

  12. The Forus that has The Body Shop in it, across from the Disney Store? I’ll have to check that one out; my gf and I will probably need some funny odds & ends for the apartment when we move to Sendai next month.

  13. >Next thing you’ll be telling me that Freddie Mercury is gay!

    Was. 😉

  14. Squampton,

    That’s the place. It’s on the top floor. Best selection of all of them. So you’re moving to Sendai next month. Good idea, it’s nice here. If you need any tips just ask.


    Rest in peace. I miss Freddie. He was awesome!

  15. Jeff

    Yes, this is a really awesome mug. Great find Eric.

  16. Jeff, you are obviously a man of great taste!

  17. Jeff

    I love it. Is there some way you could send me one of these mugs in the mail? I’d pay you for it of course.

  18. I’ll see what I can do. My only worry would be breakage.

  19. Jeff

    Eric, I’m impressed. I completely stole this photo & put it on my Facebook profile and you didn’t even claim the credit.

  20. I’m just going to sue you Jeff. See you in court!!!

  21. Actually yeah, if you could fire me an email, I do have a few questions about Sendai…

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