Dragon Quest Figure

I saw this Dragon Quest figure collection at a convenience store this week. I love Dragon Quest and am looking very much forward to the first English release of Dragon Quest V. Most of the figures in this collection are from 4 and 5, so I had a good chance of getting a figure I wanted.


I really wanted to get the hero character from 5 that is featured on the box. What I did get was his father, “Papasu”.


The detail on the figure is really nice. I often wonder how these kinds of things are painted. Can a machine actually do this?


I spent a long time choosing which box I would buy. Not knowing what is inside can be tricky. I tried to find one that was heavier than the others. Some figures shown on the box are a lot smaller, so they must be lighter. Well when I opened my slightly heavier box I found this mysterious bag.


I wondered what might be inside, was it candy?


No it was just useless leftover plastic bits to make the box feel heavier. Damn you Square, and your trickery!



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4 responses to “Dragon Quest Figure

  1. Useless leftover plastic bits? Thats ridiculous! Im thinking if they can be absorbents to absorb moisture? If not dont think toys should come with such junk!

  2. It’s all part of their evil trickery!

  3. Serpico

    yeah, most of japanese (random) action figures in box uses that.
    It is used for deceiving the weight of the item.

    Nice Papas/Pankraz you got there (Papas is a great character too), Thank you for sharing the image 😀

    PS: If you got the hero next time, might be a good idea putting them together

    • I don’t think I’ll be able to get the hero figure. That series of figures is really hard to come across now. I haven’ seen any for sale for a while now. I really wanted that figure.

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