Yummy Pizza

Since I had a very long break between teaching classes last Tuesday, I decided to go down the street and order some pizza from Pizza Hut. It’s hard to get good western style pizza in Japan. Most of it is European style with the thin crust, and usually with odd toppings like potato and such. Places like Pizza Hut and Pizza-La are like an oasis for real pizza. Anyways I ordered an interesting one. Spicy Korean Bulgogi pizza!


I also got the special cheese bun crust. It was so delicious and pretty spicy. My mouth waters just thinking about it right now!



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3 responses to “Yummy Pizza

  1. Saint

    Looks yummy indeed, especially the crust!

  2. stefano

    hi, my name is Stefano and I am a pizza acrobatics.
    I know that my professional and request in your chain of restaurants and pizzerias. because in addition to a passion for this art I would like to become a casual work.
    waiting for your response I send my best regards

    Stefano Pecoraro

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