Driving Around

I took a couple videos while we were driving around in the Wagon R. The first is driving through some thin streets in Ogawara. Yes all of these roads are two way streets.

In the second we’re driving in the countryside around Kakuda.

Quick on the lower right hand corner to change it HQ, so you can see it a lot better. Also enjoy the Wham and Queen playing in the background on the radio.



Filed under Japan, Kakuda, Scenery

4 responses to “Driving Around

  1. You really live out in the boonies!

    And Wham!??

  2. Wham just happened to be playing on the radio when I took the video. It was unintentional. Yes, I do live in the country.

  3. I hope you were not filming while driving 🙂 … I have driven everywhere most of my adult life and so sometimes I do miss driving, as it has been over a year since I last drove a car (ever since we arrived in Tokyo).

  4. Don’t worry, my wife was driving at the time. I don’t miss driving, because I drive to work every day! 😉

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