Winter + Snow = Terrible!

Today we got our first real snow of the winter, and it’s actually stayed on the ground for now. So far it’s given me terrible flashbacks of hard winters in Canada.


I hope it goes away by tomorrow morning. They say it might snow tomorrow too though. Here’s a wide pan shot of the garden covered in snow. Click on it to get a much bigger version.


I tried out my new camera’s photo stitch feature. I think it worked pretty good.



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9 responses to “Winter + Snow = Terrible!

  1. It’ll be gone tomorrow for sure, so I’ll just avoid it entirely.

  2. I saw on the TV’s 天気予報 (weather forecast) that it was supposed to snow in Sendai today. I was planning to ask you if it did.

    The first time I ever saw snow in my life was in the Japan. At the 札幌雪祭 (Sapporo Snow Festival) about eighteen years ago.

    It doesn’t snow in Florida (where I grew up). It snows occasionally in Tokyo (about once or twice a season)…actually when I first came to Japan, it seems like it used to snow more often in Tokyo.

  3. Ian

    That’s not snow. We got more then that last night and the forecast was calling for flurries. The snow bank on my front lawn right now is like five feet high. I know deep down you are missing winter and maybe you should come back to visit Ottawa in winter time like Keith did…
    Also great shots. I went to Henrys the other day and while I was there I asked the guy I know about your camera and he heard great reviews from customers. He said he would even buy one and recommends it to other people who are not looking for a SLR. Which means a lot coming from a guy who loves Nikon cameras to recommend a Cannon. That’s like going to the dark side.

  4. Tom

    Yesterday was the worst kind of snow – wet, heavy, slush. I went to the store around noon, got my feet wet, and went home for the day.

  5. Tokyo5,

    You’re lucky you grew up somewhere that didn’t have snow. I’ve seen so much snow in my lifetime, I hate the stuff now.


    I don’t know if I could ever visit during the winter ever again. I know my camera is good. I read a lot of reviews and tried it out at Yamada Denki many times before I bought it. It was between the G10 and the Lumix LX3. I decided to go with the more fully featured and powerful one.


    I agree, Sendai seems to only get the wet slushy snow. My feet got wet yesterday too. A lot of the streets were kind of flooded too.

  6. I’m with Eric – I don’t actually miss the snow after living most of my life in Canada (it is called the “Great White North” for a reason). It seems this year has been a terrible winter throughout most of North America.

    Anyway, very nice picture using the stitch feature, looks like this camera is working well for you.

  7. E Mom

    Eric, that’s not snow – that’s just a snow flurry. If we took pictures of snow every time that it snowed in the winter, we’d be out there taking pictures 2-3 times a week.

    We have lots of snow right now, but nothing like last year. Last year was an exception, we had not seen that much snow since 1971.

    Also, does that mean that you and Yurie will only come home to visit us during the summer? You never know. You could start to miss the snow after a while. Maybe I could send you over some snow in a care package?

  8. Mom,

    I would prefer not to see the tons of snow, and feel the -30 temperatures, so yes we’ll come and visit during warmer times of the year. I’ll never miss the snow.


    You understand the snow thing completely. The only people who like snow are skiers, snowboarders, and kids who want a day off from school.

    The camera is working out quite well for me. I love it!

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