Obama Action Figure

I found this on a Japanese toy website. It’s an action figure of the new president of the United States, Barack Obama.


It actually looks like him. You can have him in all kinds of patriotic poses.


Being an action figure though, it can be put into some non-presidential poses too. Like this one.


Or kicking ass with a shotgun.


Fighting against the dark side of the force.


Or just chilling under a kotatsu table, playing some famicom.


Supposedly the figure is actually made by a company in Hong Kong. More info is here. Hilarious!



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7 responses to “Obama Action Figure

  1. That’s crazy!
    Did you buy one?

    I saw on the company’s site that they have a McCain doll too!

  2. I didn’t buy one. I just thought the poses were hilarious. I didn’t know that Obama was strong with the force!

  3. Yeah, that picture’s almost surreal.

  4. Or maybe it’s super real….

  5. I like the one with him holding a light saber fighting Darth Vader … but of course, that’s because I am a geeky Star Wars fan šŸ™‚

  6. Tom

    Have you seen the Obama game online? My students were talking about it the other day.

  7. bartman905,

    I like that one too. My favorite is the one with the kotatsu and the famicom though.


    I haven’t seen the Obama game. What kind of game is it?

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