G10 Case

This weekend I picked up a case for my new Canon G10 camera. I had to order it at Yamada Denki, since not a single store that I went to had it in stock. It’s actually a very nice retro styled leather case.


The top and bottom parts separate easily and quickly so you can take pictures in a snap. All of the controls are open and easy to reach while the case is attached. Sorry I couldn’t take a picture of the camera in the case (I was using it to take these photos).


The bottom half screws into the bottom of the camera. So you can unsnap a couple buttons and let the top half dangle when you’re taking the photos.


Also a tripod can be attached while the case in on. Also there is openings on the side for the neck strap so you can hang it around your neck while it’s in the case. All in all a fantastic case. I recommend it to any G10 owner.

P.S. I’m now officially past 10,000 hits! Nice!


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