Yesterday Yurie dragged out her almost ancient 15 year old bread maker. Set it up and threw all of the ingredients in and let it do it’s magic for 4 hours. Maybe newer bread makers are faster nowadays. I don’t know, I had never seen one in action until yesterday.


The loaf came out really nice. I was surprised that the old bread maker could do such a good job. I guess bread makers are built to last.


It was so fluffy and delicious. We just ate it plain while it was still warm.

P.S. Recently there was a problem on my blog where you couldn’t click on the pictures to see the full size image. This was thanks to something WordPress did recently. I’ve found the problem and fixed it so now you can see all of my pictures in their full size glory.



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4 responses to “Fresh!

  1. We have a bread-maker too. You can make all kinds of great bread. One of my favorites is raisin bread.

  2. I want to make cheese bread next time with cheddar cheese. Have you ever made that before? I wonder if you can do that in a bread maker….

  3. Yes, tou can make many kinds of bread…including チーズ・パン (cheese bread).

  4. I can’t wait to try it.

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