Mirrors and Lights

One thing you’ll notice when you’re driving around Japan is that there are these huge convex mirrors all over. Usually they are at blind corners, so that you can see if anything is coming. The streets are very thin sometimes and often there is only enough space for one car to turn at a time.


You can also see in the picture the very strange street lights of Kakuda. At night time they give off an eerie green glow. Some people I’ve shown this too, have said the look like UFOs. If that’s the case it would fit in with Kakuda relation with all things space and rockets,.



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10 responses to “Mirrors and Lights

  1. Do all the street mirrors in Sendai have those red and white stripes around them?
    I’ve never seen them like that in Tokyo.

    I have a photo of one of them in Tokyo at this post:

  2. most do have the stripes on them. I guess it’s for the bad drivers not to run into them.

  3. Tom

    My favorite part about that picture is the giant antenna(?) in the background. Everywhere I look, I see wires here.

  4. I have seen the mirrors (although as TokyoFive commented, none with the red stripes – which certainly helps make them stand out), but I have not seen that eerie street light.

    I think in Japan (and someone can correct me), all the wires are above ground, none are buried like in the US and Canada so you will see lots of wires when you look up, which is pretty messy, but I guess easier to add new wires if needed, rather than digging.

  5. Tom,
    It is a giant antenna. It’s owned by NTT and is for phone and internet. It’s close by to my house so my internet speed it blazing fast. The same speed as fiber optic, but I only have ADSL.

    I’ve only seen those light in Kakuda. They’re not very bright either, so the street are quite dark at night.

    You’re right about the wires. They don’t have a choice because of the earthquakes. Everything would have to be fixed every time we had a big one. It does look quite messy some times.

  6. >my internet speed it blazing fast

    Yeah, the internet service in Japan is excellent (although I have nothing to base it against…I can to Japan before there was “internet”–so I’ve never used it in any other country).

    But when I first got connected online in 1999, there was only dial-up. My phone bill was really high from connecting to the internet. And connections were slow—even opening a webpage with large images took so long!
    It’s improved so much in just ten years!

  7. I’m pretty lucky that I don’t have to pay the price for fiber optic internet, but get the same level of service. It must be because all of the neighbors are 60 and older, and don’t have PCs probably.

  8. My internet service is quite good too.

    Which provider do you use?

    My first one (when I had dial-up) was Global Online. Then I switched to Yahoo BB…but since last year, I’ve been using OCN.

  9. I use Yahoo BB. I’m pretty happy with the service so far. It’s really solid and fast all of the time.

  10. Yahoo BB was fine for me too.
    Now I use OCN‘s fiber optic service for the same price I paid Yahoo, though.

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