Old Soap

I always see this curious old fashioned soap at all of the supermarkets. I know next to nothing about it, I just like the funny picture of the boy on the package. I wonder if the soap is actually good or not. I might have to buy it one day and give it a try.




Filed under Japan, Retro, Useful

3 responses to “Old Soap

  1. 「窯出し一番」 (“Number one from the boiler”)?
    I’ve never seen that soap. Maybe it’s only there in 仙台 (Sendai). You should buy a bar!

  2. “「窯出し一番」 (”Number one from the boiler”)?”

    Is that what it means. Now I definitely have to try it. I have to use the number one boiler soap!

  3. Yeah, buy it at least for the novelty!

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