Rilakkuma In Bread Form

Rilakkuma is appearing everywhere these days. His charm has spread across all merchandise imaginable. Include bread now. Yurie bought some bread for us knowing I like Rilakkuma. She got a curry bread for me.


And a sweet bun for herself.


Rilakkuma is so chill!



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6 responses to “Rilakkuma In Bread Form

  1. Wow, Eric! リラックマ!
    I’m alittle jealous.

    I found your blog via Naoko’s blog. Sendai seems nice… We also seem to share a love of cellphone straps.

    Keep up the goodness!

    • Thanks for the comment. Sendai is very nice.

      I am crazy for cell phone straps (much to my wife’s dismay). I usually hang them from my bag like a junior high girl (yes it’s sad). I one have one DQ slime on my cell phone, because I don’t want bulky pockets.

      I checked out your blog. I like it so I’m going to add a link.

  2. Hahaha! My boyfriend doesn’t get it either.
    They go on my keys, my cellphone and bag.

    I have a thing for local Kitty-chans.

    >I checked out your blog. I like it so I’m going to add a link.

    Wow, really? Thanks! I have quite a few readers, but few commenters.

    I’m just a grad student in rural Kentucky. I do the artsy-fartsy, and talk about things I like…. Namely idol music.

    So, how did you end up in Sendai? Is your wife Japanese?

    • One of the hardest things in Japan is resisting buying all of the knick knacks you see.

      My wife is from Sendai area so that’s why we came here, plus it’s really nice here. Not too big, not too small.

  3. Lelia Chia Wei Ning

    That was nice! in bread form….

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