KISS + Camera + Kids = Awesome and Cute!

I was reading some of the comments made by Tokyo5 on the Konnichiwa blog, and i found out about the TV campaign for the Canon EOS “Kiss” digital camera. I quickly rushed to Youtube and found these cute ads from Japan. Kids in KISS makeup singing about the camera to the tune of  “I Was Made For Loving You”. Awesome!

When they shoot flames and sparks out of their mouths it’s especially cute. Credit for this post goes to Tokyo5 for mentioning this in his comments on the Konnichiwa blog. Here’s a link to his more informative post. KISS ads in Japan Check it out!



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10 responses to “KISS + Camera + Kids = Awesome and Cute!

  1. Thanks for the link!
    KISS and Japan have a special relationship. KISS’s kabuki-style make-up, their 2nd album’s cover is ukiyoe style with Japanese writing all over it (albeit with many errors), they use a red and black 「力」 (power) logo (it’s my avatar), etc.

    And Japan has KISS Pachinko, KISS TV commercials, Japan-only KISS albums, T-shirts, pins, etc…

    And I have loved KISS and Japan since childhood.

  2. Eric (and tokyo5 who also posted on his blog), wow – thanks for this post.

    These Canon Kiss commercials are just great, now my new camera feels extra special!

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  4. Tokyo5..

    I never thought about the KISS/ Kabuki connection. It totally makes sense!

  5. Eric…

    I know a truckload of KISS trivia! 🙂

    Do you know their song “God Of Thunder“?
    The Japanese 「雷神」 translates to “God Of Thunder” (he usually paired with 「風神」 (“God Of Wind”).

    I mention it here:

  6. You’re definitely a member of the KISS army. I wonder if that Metal Samurai show has English subtitles on the DVD. I’m going to have to look for it at GEO.

  7. >I wonder if that Metal Samurai show has English subtitles on the DVD.

    I don’t know. I’ve never watched a movie with English subtitles or dubbing.
    I’d just watch it in Japanese…but I haven’t even found a regular copy of that movie.

    >I’m going to have to look for it at GEO.

    What’s “GEO”?

  8. It’s very rare, but some Japanese DVDs have subtitles on them. Always and it’s sequel both had English subtitles.

    GEO is a video rental chain, kind of like Tsutaya, but a lot cheaper.

  9. I saw 「ALWAYS: 三丁目の夕日」 at the theater with my family…and 「ALWAYS: 続三丁目の夕日」 (ALWAYS 2) on DVD. Neither had subtitles.

    Did you watch it in Japan?

    And I’ve never seen the “GEO” video stores. Maybe they’re not in Tokyo.
    How much do they cost?
    「TSUTAYA」 is half-price on every Wednesday and on other days occasionally.
    ¥199 each for DVDs and CDs. And every ¥100 spent at TSUTAYA, Family Mart, Lotteria and a bunch of other places earns one-point on the TSUTAYA card…once 200 points are earned, a DVD or CD can be rented for free!

  10. I watched both in Japan and both had English subtitles on the DVD. It was marked right on the case. Maybe you didn’t notice the option.

    The price at GEO is 280 yen for older movies, 380 for new ones, 480 for bluray. They often have specials where it’s 88yen for older movies. It’s really popular and busy those days. They also have a point card too.

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