New Dragonball Goodness

There’s a new set of small Dragonball statues coming out soon. It cover the whole length of the series. It also seems to have a figure for pretty much every character. Even so strange minor characters. They look really cool, I might pick some up when they come out. It’ll probably be a random “what’s in the box” kind of thing. Sometimes I wish I could just choose the one I wanted.




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7 responses to “New Dragonball Goodness

  1. hey,would you mind telling me of that old guy at the left side of ChiChi’s father???the one with the blue thing on top of his head…thanks!!!=)
    type it anywhere in my blog,if its ok with ya…=)

    • Well, there are two figures of Chi Chi’s father in the right hand corner. I think the figure you’re talking about is the old version of Chi Chi’s father from way back in volume one. He has a blue feather on his head. I believe he was called the “Ox King” back then.

  2. hey!thank you very much!!!
    these figures are sold in a cheap price here…
    so im planning to buy some more!=)
    unfortunately,there are only a few of them.
    how about the goblin-looking cyan-coloured creature below android18’s left?what’s his name?

    i did a small photoshoot with the ox king earlier today.
    see it here–>

    tghanks again,bro!!!=D

  3. hehe!!thanks…
    so many kawaii figures!!!
    i noticed that one which i saw from the store is not included in this picture…the rabbit guy who wears the same clothes as kayo-sama(the blue one above emperor pilaf)…hmm
    how about the girl in blue who looks like One Piece’s Nico Robin?
    im plannin g to buy her next!!!=D

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