Lots Of Temple Statues

Every temple or shrine you go to has statues of animals or deities to protect it from mysterious forces. I like seeing all of the different kinds, and often snap photos of them.


There are the typical lions.


This one almost seems like he’s smiling.


I thought from far away it was a monkey, but it turned out to be another lion.


Here’s a funny statue of Ebisu, one of the gods of good fortune. Some statues are so old and worn away that it’s a mystery to what they originally were. Like this one.


It looks like an alien now. Some get scarier too.


All of these are from temples around Kakuda. For some reason there are a ton of temples and shrines here. I’ve been to so many, but I still haven’t seen them all.



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2 responses to “Lots Of Temple Statues

  1. Tom

    I also think the statues are interesting.

    Your post got me wondering why lions are used as statues, and the answer is here:

  2. That website is interesting. I knew they were there to protect from something, I just didn’t know what. Did you know that when you see fish statues that have tiger heads (Shachihoko) on the roofs of temples or castles it’s to protect from fire.

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