New Camera Action!

I don’t know if you noticed in yesterdays post that in the top left corner there was a blurry spot. No it wasn’t a ghost appearing in my pictures, it’s a nefarious air or water bubble. Not being able to fix it myself, and a cost prohibitive repair fee, I bought a new camera. I introduce my new Canon G10.


Please forgive the blurry spot, I used my old camera to take these pics. The G10 is basically the highest level camera that isn’t a SLR. In fact the quality of the photos are in-line or higher than some SLR cameras.


The body is fully metal which makes it very durable. The screen is a huge 3 inches and very high resolution. The controls are very easy and intuitive to use. Like the handy ISO dial on the top of the camera.


I took some test photos to try it out and see the image quality. It was night time when I got home, so I took this shot down the street at our house.


The next day I took some other pics around Kakuda.


In the mountains too.


It’s a really great camera, and I’m looking forward to taking many photos with it. Hopefully for many many years.



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2 responses to “New Camera Action!

  1. Congratulations on your new Canon camera.

    I also recently bought a Canon camera (my first Canon, and my first DSLR) – 1000D (also known as Rebel XS and Kiss F in Japan). Before this, I had (still have, both are still working) a Panasonic and Casio point and shoot digital cameras. I am really enjoying this new Canon DSLR and am beginning to learn a lot about photography (at least the technical side of it, I still suck creatively).

    Other than your blog, where do you post your pictures? I post my pictures on Facebook, I don’t use Flicker or any of the other online photo websites.

  2. I learned all of my technical knowledge the hard way on a film SLR. I wish I had a digital one back then. It was always hard to experiment and not know what it would look like until it’s developed. I like SLRs, but I don’t like carrying them around most of the time. That’s why I got this one instead. It’s pretty compact, and not too heavy. It’s also pretty inconspicuous, so it’s good for taking spy photos in stores. Don’t worry bartman905, you’ll pick up shot composure and creativity with practice. I recommend using the grid line feature on your display for good picture composure. To answer you question, I only post photos here mostly.

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