Yoshitaka Amano

Yesterday we went to an art show in Sendai. It featured the art of Yoshitaka Amano, character designer and concept artist of Gatchaman, Cashern, Final Fantasy, and many many more. He was actually on hand to greet the crowd and sign some autographs.


Unfortunately only people who bought prints of the paintings and a few lucky people who won at group rock, paper, scissors got autographs. I was however lucky enough to be able to snap a picture of one of the autographs, thanks to a very nice lady.


It’s Ken from Gatchaman, one of my all time favorites from when I was a kid. I would have asked for the exact same thine if I had been able to get an autograph. Even though I didn’t get an autograph I did get a poster of one of the paintings (which isn’t pictured because I’m having some camera lens troubles), and a set of zodiac postcards.


The drawings are really beautiful on them. Here’s a bigger version of one of them.


All in all a fun event. I got to see some beautiful artwork, see a legendary artist in person, and snap a picture of the Gatchaman signature.


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