KISS Kubrick

These were also spotted in the “figure” magazine that I was talking about yesterday. It’s a set of KISS Kubricks. Kubricks are similar to the Be@rbricks I’ve shown before, but they aren’t bears.


They look really cool. The magazine states that the set of four is 5040 yen, which is a little expensive. I like how all of them are wearing platform shoes.



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4 responses to “KISS Kubrick

  1. You put this post up for me, didn’t you? 😀

    ( My KISS-related posts: )

  2. Can I rip off your post subject and write about this too?
    (Did you know that Kubrick is a Japanese company?)

  3. I did have you in mind when I posted it. I said to my wife, “Watch Tokyo5 will comment for sure”. Go right ahead and write a post of your own. Feel free to use the scan if you like. I did know that Kubrick is a Japanese company. They also do some vinyl statues too. You probably already saw this, but for everyone else more info is here.

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