Warm Feet

One of the constant battles in Japan during the winter is keeping warm. With no central heating it can be difficult. Moving to a different room means you have to heat up that room, and sometimes it’s colder inside than it is outside. The problem for me is I have really bad circulation in my arms and legs. My feet are always freezing. Well, I found a solution!


I bought this at the local supermarket. It’s a foot warmer. It comes with this sealed bag of  gelatinous liquid inside.


What you do is put it in the microwave for around three minutes. Slip it into it’s cloth pouch.


Place it at your feet, and you’ll have toasty warm toes in no time. I like to use it when I’m watching TV. I also like to put in my bed so it’s nice and warm when it’s time to sleep.



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4 responses to “Warm Feet

  1. Tom

    My wife loves this for when she’s watching TV on the couch. She also keeps a small yutanpo on her when she goes to work.

  2. Thanks for the comment Tom. Your wife is obviously a very smart women. I keep seeing the ones that fit into boots and am very tempted to buy them and use it on the train. I noticed on your blog that you live in Sendai too. I’m going to add you site to my links post haste.

  3. Do you have a kontatsu table?
    They’re wonderful!

  4. We do have one, but my legs get so tired and sore when I sit on the floor. We have a few hot carpets which help a lot when sitting on the sofa.

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