Warner Bros. Be@rbricks

I had previously posted about the Star Wars Be@rbricks, now Pepsi Nex is back with some new Warner Bros. Be@rbricks. You can see all of them in this promo image from their site.


I’ve got one already. It’s the Joker from the Batman movie The Dark Knight. Here he is in the package.


Here it is out of the package. Pretty cool I’d say.


I think I might try and grab the Matrix one as well. Some of them are quite boring though like the one for the OC and the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory bears.



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6 responses to “Warner Bros. Be@rbricks

  1. That Joker one looks like the best of the bunch. (You’re right…half of them look boring).

    You should get the Batman and Superman…and leave them in the package. Might become valuable! 😉

    I’m not a big cola drinker…and I hate diet cola completely! But maybe I’ll buy one or two. Probably Joker and Batman.


  2. You might be right about them becoming valuable, but I can’t resist tearing open that package. I’m hopeless, what can I say…

  3. Well, then buy a extra one or two of the ones that look like they’ll become rare (probably the least popular ones…but then again, maybe the most popular ones)…and leave them in the package.

    Of course, things that are made to be collectible rarely are. (Didn’t someone famous say that?)

  4. I don’t know who said it, but they’re probably right. Who knows how many of these things are out there. What makes things rare is people not caring and getting rid of stuff over time. The first superman comic wasn’t rare when it first came out, but now it is thanks to mothers all over cleaning house over the years.

  5. Yes, these are cool. I only have a Star Wars one (I’m a Star Wars geek fan) from a Coke promotion I think. I’m not a Pepsi drinker – what does Pepsi Nex taste like?

  6. It tastes better than Diet Pepsi. Kind of similar to Coke Zero.

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