New Year’s Shrine Visit

To complete our Japanese New Year’s rituals we went for a quick visit to the local shrine. Hachi Man Jinja is it’s name. It’s about five minutes from our house. Normally people go and visit right after midnight, but it’s cold and we were tired so we went this afternoon.


You go and throw some coins in the donation box, ring the bell, and wish for good luck in the coming year. While we were there I spotted these really cool lion sculptures. I liked how the eyes and mouth were painted in a bright red color.




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4 responses to “New Year’s Shrine Visit

  1. Jeff

    Happy new year over there Eric & Yurie. Any resolutions this year?

  2. Happy New Year Jeff. Maybe my resolution is to lose some weight. How about you?

  3. Jeff

    This year I will finally master French. It was an excuse to subscribe to cable, but I find watching French shows with subtitles 10x better than taking classes.

  4. Good for you Jeff. I think being immersed in it is the best way to learn. The only time I was able to use my French fully was when I went to France and was completely without English. Suddenly I was able to speak the most French ever.

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