Sexist Chocolate

Here’s and interesting fun fact, chocolate can be sexist in Japan!! Just kidding. A very small amount people might be offended if they saw this product in Canada.


There are various chocolate products in Japan that say they are for men, like Toppo here and Men’s Pocky. Turns out that “For Men” just simply means dark chocolate. I guess Japanese chocolate makers think women don’t like dark chocolate. I just use it as an excuse not to share with my wife, saying “Sorry, this is for men only.”



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6 responses to “Sexist Chocolate

  1. I think they did that because men, usually, eat less chocolate than women and children. (Speaking for myself, I seldom eat chocolate (or any candies) anymore. I do like whiskey-filled chocolate though 🙂 )

  2. Jeff

    I saw those Pocky “Men’s” Chocolates in Chinatown MTL. I couldn’t believe some company decided it was worth marketing chocolate like that. Well, you never know… Perhaps if you keep buying them, they’ll come out with “blond white guy” chocolates? 🙂

    • Marie

      Where exactly in Montreal did you find those Toppo? Since I came back from Japan, I’ve been looking for them and never found any!
      (you may notice that I am a girl, and that I eat those men’s candy!)

  3. They sell Japanese junkfood in Chinatown? (Where’s “MTL?”)

  4. Tokyo5
    They sell lots of Japanese stuff in Chinatowns across Canada. It’s usually the best place to score stuff. MTL is Montreal which is in Quebec.

    I holding out for “white guy” chocolate. Sounds awesome.

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