Christmas Goodies

Here’s the detailed post of what I received for Christmas from my darling wife. First I got a really cool “Panson Works” figure. They do lots of cute design and also invented the popular Robin character.


It’s Son Goku from Dragonball. Very awesome. It’s to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Shonen Jump. Next is this very cool CD case.


It’s an amazing Luche Libre wrestler mask styled case. I will be soon transferring all of my PS3 games to this for safe keeping. Finally we have a Dragon Quest cell phone strap.


It’s an incredibly cute blue slime strap. He’s so cute!


Thanks go to my wonderful wife, for her hard work finding these items for my Christmas gift.



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5 responses to “Christmas Goodies

  1. oh yeah, the slime is so nice, wishing i’ll get one.

  2. I have a mini collection of slimes now.

  3. You guys must be very lucky. I have been trying to get my hands on Slime phone strap for ages and because I live in the UK no where else seems to sell them.
    I tried to buy one online in Yesasia and Strapya but they are all sold out. Is possible to buy one in Hong Kong? It’s possible to buy Japanese stuff there.

    • Slime straps are hard to find here too. The one that I have is completely sold out every where. I guess that’s why the online stores don’t have them either.

      I’m not sure about buying Japanese stuff in Hong Kong, I’ve unfortunately never been there before. Maybe one of the other readers can comment if they’ve visited there.

  4. Emma

    I love the CD case! Any info where I could find one?! thanks 🙂

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