Christmas Sweets


Here’s some Japanese Christmas sweets. They’re quite nice to look at, and very beautifully made (like most Japanese sweets). I’m not really a big fan of them though. These are made of mochi, which is a very sticky glutinous rice pounded into a sticky blob. I don’t like mochi, so I just like to look at them. By the way, Merry Christmas everyone!



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3 responses to “Christmas Sweets

  1. Maybe it’s because I’ve been in Japan awhile now…but I don’t like Western junk food. Too sweet!
    I like traditional Japanese desserts like those. (And I like mochi alot).

    Here’s a post I wrote about a festival in Tokyo that had もちつき (Mochi-pounding)…(eating mochi is another Japanese New Year tradition)):

  2. Ku Ri Su

    Careful Eric. atleast 5 seniors a year die from choking on that stuff.

  3. I know Chris, that’s why I don’t touch the stuff. It’s a deadly killer!
    Tokyo5, I actually find Japanese sweets to be too sweet. I think most of them taste like just plain sugar. I prefer salty things anyways.

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