Arc De Triomphe??

Last night I went on a spur of the moment “nomihodai”, which means all you can drink in Japanese. You can easily go down to Kokubuncho and set it up at most bars. Kokubuncho is the “entertainment” district in Sendai. It features all kinds of legal and illegal stuff to do. Mostly it’s just a bunch of bars and hostess clubs where excessive drink can be done. Well we were walking around looking for a place to go among the myriad of choices, and I spotted this place.


A huge replica of the Arc de Triomphe! It was very strange to see, I simply had to take a picture of this oddity nestled in with all of the normal Japanese bars. One of my drinking cohorts informed me that it is supposedly in fact a complex filled with gay bars. Which strange because there was a long line of young girls outside. Mysterious…



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4 responses to “Arc De Triomphe??

  1. As you mentioned in a comment on my blog (here: ), we both did 忘年会 (End Of Year Party) yesterday.

    The Japanese name for that arch in France is 「凱旋門」 (Gaisenmon). (Similar to the French name, it means “Triumph Gate”).

    And the sign in front that building says 「凱旋門ビル」 (Gaisenmon Bldg).

    Did you go inside to see what kind of bar it really is?

  2. No I didn’t go inside. I had a time limit before the last train, and there was a lot of drinking to do.

  3. Jeff

    I hope you demonstrated good manners on the train ride back.

  4. Of course Jeff. Actually the train was super packed with tons of drunk people standing shoulder to shoulder. I guess everyone had the same idea, because tuesday was a national holiday. Also I’m so afraid of falling asleep and ending up in a different prefecture!

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