From China

On Saturday we had a visit from one of our friends from China, Cliff. He was in Japan just for 24 hours to pick and his daughter and go back to China. What he brought along with him was a beautiful antique Chinese mahjong set for us. You can see the case has a nice painting of two quails (at least i think they are quails).


Inside the case is all of the mahjong tiles, a set of english instructions, and some dice. The set is so nice.


The tiles have the traditional wood backing on them so they’ll make a really nice sound when you slap them down. I can’t wait to play mahjong with this set. Thanks Cliff and Megumi!



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15 responses to “From China

  1. Do you play 「麻雀」 (Mah-jong)?

  2. Yes, I play mahjong, but I play by the Chinese rules usually. I know some of the Japanese rules, but it’s really hard to play. Chinese rules are a lot simpler. Do you play?

  3. >Do you play?

    No. I’ve never tried it. There are quite a few 「麻雀」 (Mah-jong) parlors in Japan, though.

    Where did you learn? And who do you play against?

  4. I learned from the same friend that gave me the set. Usually I play with my wife and some other friends.

  5. That’s great. It’s a Chinese game. But popular in Japan, too.

    Have you ever played かるた (Karuta)?
    It’s a traditional Japanese game, played often at New Years time…especially by kids. Have you played it with your nieces at New Years? (It’s good practice for reading Japanese for kids (and foreigners)).

  6. I’ve played it once a few years ago with my youngest niece. I was severely beaten.

  7. Try it again this New Year! 😉

  8. I would, but I think my nieces are too old to play now.

  9. How old are they? My daughters still play it with their younger cousins at New Years.

  10. My nieces are 12 and 10, and already acting like surly teenagers. If there was an iPod or cell phone karuta they would play.

  11. My kids are older than that…they don’t normally play Karuta anymore…but New Years is different. It’s a traditional New Years game—I bet your nieces would play it next week.

    And I just noticed that you said above:
    >I’ve played it once a few years ago

    Didn’t you just come to Japan this year? Did they visit Canada?

  12. When I moved here, it was the sixth time I had come to Japan. The wife and I came every year for vacation at various times of the year.

  13. I wish I could take an overseas vacation every year!

  14. I took a lot of saving, plus having no kids helped us afford it.

  15. Yeah, five round-trip tickets to America…plus all of the other expenses of a vacation is quite expensive!

    That’s why we’ve only been once…about five years ago.

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