Magic Potion


I got these two Final Fantasy “potion” drinks at 7/11 on Thursday. They’re to promote the new PSP game Dissidia. Which is like a Final Fantasy fighting game. There are two flavors, called  “Chaos” and “Cosmos”. As you may or may not know potions are the drinks in Final Fantasy that revive your health. While drinking Cosmos I felt my hit points raise  by around 60 (kidding). Cosmos was kind of a grape fruit flavor. I haven’t tried Chaos yet. I’ll let you know what it’s like at a later date. Each can has a couple random drawing of FF characters.


I guess some people would never drink them and collect all of the variations. I however will just recycle them.



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3 responses to “Magic Potion

  1. You’re not gonna keep even one as a souvenir?

  2. No not really. I like Final Fantasy, but collecting cans is not my thing.

  3. I’ve never played Final Fantasy before.
    But I have a small collection of old, or unusual beer cans.

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